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Faculty and staff

Bridge Academy’s instructional and administrative staff is made up of passionate and dedicated teachers who are experts in their fields.

Faculty and staff Directory

Name Email Title
Anderson Tresilus Anderson.Tresilus@bridgeacademyhaiti.org Science, French Teacher
Andre Sanon Andre.Sanon@bridgeacademyhaiti.org Music Teacher
Chantal Kenol Desmornes Chantal.Desmornes@bridgeacademyhaiti.org Literature, Creative Writing Teacher, Board Member
Fedia Jean Baptiste Fedia.Jeanbaptiste@bridgeacademyhaiti.org Math Teacher
Fritz Gerald Fong ffong@bridgeacademyhaiti.org Human Relations, Fitness and Nutrition Teacher, Athletic Director
Henock Ifraus Henock.Ifraus@bridgeacademyhaiti.org English Teacher
Henry Derozin Henry.Derozin@bridgeacademyhaiti.org Science, Social Studies Teacher
Jephte Extra jephtextra@bridgeacademyhaiti.org Math, Technology Teacher
Joanna Guichard Joanna.Guichard@bridgeacademyhaiti.org English, Science Teacher, Academic Assistant
Laurence S. Cohen Laurence.Sajous@bridgeacademyhaiti.org Elementary School Assistant Principal, Bursar
Martine Valcin Martine.Valcin@bridgeacademyhaiti.org Fine Arts and Civics Teacher, Student Life Coordinator
Mima D. Aris Mima.Delphine@bridgeacademyhaiti.org Bursar's Assistant
Monique Georges Monique.Georges@bridgeacademyhaiti.org 2nd Grade Teacher
Nyska Etienne Nyska.Etienne@bridgeacademyhaiti.org 1st Grade Teacher
Patrick Lafosse Patrick.Lafosse@bridgeacademyhaiti.org Social Studies Teacher
Pierre Richard Saint Bon Pierrer.Saintbon@bridgeacademyhaiti.org English Teacher
Robert Joe Martin Robert-Joe.Martin@bridgeacademyhaiti.org Physical Education Teacher
Sophia St. Vil Sophia.StVil@bridgeacademyhaiti.org French, Social Studies Teacher
Tatiana Behrmann Tatiana.Behrmann@bridgeacademyhaiti.org Principal, Academic Director
Yveson Andrice Yveson.Andrice@bridgeacademyhaiti.org Math, Science Teacher