Bridge Academy is a first through twelfth grade, private, bilingual, and secular school. The goal of Bridge Academy’s learning program is to nurture and cultivate our students to become independent leaders in their community through the use of a dynamic and supportive curriculum. Our students have access to resources such as textbooks, educational technology platform, computers, a library, a science lab, and a team of highly qualified teachers. As we continue to develop our program, we ensure that the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical needs of our students are always being met in a safe, welcoming, and suitable learning environment. The middle and high school are directed by Dr. Tatiana Behrmann and the elementary school By Mrs. Laurence Cohen.

About Our Program

We are a partner of Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX thus our curriculum meets rigorous standards set by Bridge Academy and the state of Texas. TTU K-12 is approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and by the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA). Students participate in a concurrent-diploma program at the end of which they will earn a competitive US high school diploma. The Bridge Academy community provides guidance to students in becoming ethical and productive adults. We also offer online classes so that we may meet the needs of an everchanging world.

  • Elementary School

    Our elementary school is bilingual, students learn through a modified Haitian curriculum and begin English as a second language starting in the first grade.  Students are guided through hands-on activities that not only develop their motor and fine motor skills but help to bring on the use of critical thinking to solve problems.  Our elementary school teachers go above and beyond modeling behavior and facilitating activities that will help students develop their social skills and nurture a sense of teamwork and community building.

  • Middle School

    Students in the middle school participate in comprehensive English, math, science, and social studies courses. These are taught in English and great care is taken to increase students’ language proficiency and fluency during the middle school years as many of our students come from French speaking schools. Project-based learning and student-centered activities are an integral part of our middle school courses.

  • High School

    The medium of instruction for earning our high school diploma is in English for the entire four years duration both written and spoken. Students are required to take the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills exam (TEKS) at the end of all English courses and the US history course. Students earn 26 credits to graduate with a distinguished level diploma with a multidisciplinary studies endorsement.  Advanced placement courses are available through our partnership with the TTUK12 program. Students are also required to fulfill community service hours before graduation.

  • Discipline

    At Bridge Academy we view discipline as a part of human development.  Teachers and staff members are encouraged to use positive reinforcement.  However, students are expected to use self-control, self-discipline and to follow rules and guidelines. When necessary, disciplinary actions are taken in such a way as to enhance personal growth and to uphold a sense of fairness.